Recorded at the Cash Cabin studio with my pal Billy Don Burns. Hope you love it!



On a lonesome highway
with a lonesome heart
It's not here you wanted to be
but it's where you are
Another 1000 miles
and you just drive on
All alone in a world of song

And the days move slow
some barely a crawl
When your destination
is a cold curtain call
Before you realize where you are
you're already gone
You're all alone in your world of song

You've gotta' ride the wind
so you ride it high
Try to rope your dreams
while they still fly
So you put on your mask
and go stand up strong
All alone in your world of song

So you fan the flame
and you tease the fire
Hot on the trail
of your one desire
It burns so bright
but it don't burn long

All alone in your world of song